Speech at the Opening Ceremony

  of the Third World Buddhist Forum

  (April 26 , 2012 / Hong Kong Coliseum )

  Delivered by the Most Ven. CHUAN YIN / President of the Buddhist Association of China


  Most Venerables, Venerables, and Distinguished Guests:


  As Buddhist dignitaries from around the world are gathering here in Hong Kong, the conditions thus converged are extremely distinctive by nature, blessed by all Buddhas and with auspicious wishes from heavenly gods at the same time. Here in the Hong Kong Coliseum, greeting the arrival of the enshrined sacred skull relic of Lord Buddha, we see an assembly of eminent monks and dignitaries from various countries. In the compassionate light of triple gem, collaborative efforts arising from magnificent conditions have succeeded in bringing forth the third World Buddhist Forum. That can be called a rare achievement which delights everybody to the full. I would now like to extend my best wishes to distinguished guests who participate in this forum and the general public. May you all achieve full blissfulness in dharma delight and a carefree body and mind!


  Sharing common vows and aspirations, w e concordantly aspire to, and work for a harmonious world, whilst stepping into the 21st century. The achievements of mankind in science and technology as well as material progress are unprecedented. However, afflictions and attachments in people’s mind and conflicts in the external world are on an unceasing increase. Searching for inner peacefulness and achieving world harmony have gradually become the shared aspiration of mankind. Ever since the beginning of the First World Buddhist Forum in 2006, we have preoccupied ourselves with this great mission of the human society to construct a harmonious world of sustainable pea c e and shared prosperity. With the teachings of Lord Buddha as the nucleus, we strive to explore how humans can attain harmony within t heir own selves, between themselves and other fellow humans, and between humans and the ecosystem.


  Harmony is the shared aspiration of all humans. The world is influenced by the collective karma of all sentient beings. Only when people actualise hand in hand a calm mind of non-attachment and jointly seek to develop the vow of enlightening the self and enlightening others, and only when Buddhists practise hand in hand the Six Paramitas to seek the Buddha Way above for benefiting all sentient beings below, a calm and harmonious world can then be accomplished with the general public engaging themselves in unison in the universal charitable act of perfecting the self to benefit others. In the context of today’s circumstances, practically speaking, if we all carry with us an attitude of gratitude and cleanse our thoughts hand in hand, we may then find a peaceful and benevolent mind in people. If family members practise offering hand in hand, everybody observing the ethics and discharging his individual responsibilities, family harmony and happiness can be achieved. If we cherish the pre-detestined relationship of walking the way hand in hand with others, while sticking to the principle of benefiting the self to benefit others in every matter, harmony in interpersonal relationships can be achieved. If we are tolerant with each other, concurrently harbouring a common and deep faith in the doctrine of cause and effect, we can then have a peaceful and harmonious society. Mutual respect between us and others in tandem with multiple symbiosis between the East and the West can then bring about a harmonious civilisation. Equitable sharing of benefits among us with a regard for the Four Immeasurables of impartial compassion, loving kindness, joyfulness and equanimity can then bring about world peace. In summary, when the world public all aspire to peace and harmony in practising the universal charity of benefiting the self to benefit others, a harmonious world can then come into being in anticipation of a pure land for mankind.


  On the occasion of the World Buddhist Forum brought about by good karma and the platform it now provides, I very much look forward to fruitful dialogues exchanged and discussions conducted among venerable masters of great virtues as well as eminent and altruistic celebrities through agglomerating wisdom and focusing strengths with a view to enhancing the happiness of mankind, advancing world harmony, ensuring the long existence of proper Dharma in the mundane world, and helping all sentient beings to achieve enlightenment together with the same aspiration in advancing the same path hand in hand!


  For the celebration of this grand assembly I would like to express my heartfelt happiness with a few verses as follows:


  The Forum in Hong Kong represents the realisation of good karma; the elegant meeting on an auspicious day sees a gathering of eminent personalities.


  Discussions are conducted on shared intents and shared ethics; the shared mission is strengthened through walking on the same path hand in hand.


  Sweet voice of the Buddha is broadcast around the world; brilliant wisdom-sun adorns the sky at high noon.


  Lord Buddha’s c compassion blankets the three thousand realms; pan-global peace ensures people’s ever-lasting well-being.


  Thank you !